Project Management Services

A dedicated Emerald Skyline Project Management Team can save you time and money, ensure the installation of equipment and workmanship that achieves your goals, results in operating savings and significantly reduces your risk of cost overruns in the completion of any retrofit project.  We understand the importance of assembling a project team knowledgeable in sustainable technology and certification processes.  We are dedicated to ensuring that a retrofit project managed by Emerald Skyline is coordinated with on-going operations and tenant activity to ensure that these needs are met while working to ensure it does not slip off schedule or go over budget. As your team leader, Emerald Skyline provides the following services:

1. Establish Scope of Work and Timetable 4. Facilitate Project Team Coordination
2. Establish Project Quality Standards 5. Provide On-site Project Supervision
3. Project Team Bidding and Selection 6. Conduct Post-installation Measurement & Verification Tests
  • Emerald Skyline’s oversight and management of the sustainable project ensures that the desired quality of workmanship and equipment is achieved.

  • Emerald Skyline is dedicated to saving time from the design of the project and competitive bid process to on-site supervision, measurement and verification, and certification.

  • Emerald Skyline saves money by ensuring the most cost-effective equipment is installed timely and within budget.

  • Emerald Skyline project management ensures results.


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