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Our Logo was created by Founder Abraham Wien who interpreted the values, beliefs, goals and mission upon which Emerald Skyline was formed.  In this sense, it was a collaboration that reflects our working relationship among ourselves and with our clients.

The Circular Design

The circle represents our earth, our moon, our sun and the circle of life which we as individuals AND as Emerald Skyline seek to sustain.

The Choice of Colors

  • Emerald Green represents our goal to sustain this planet and embodies harmony, nature, regeneration and well-being.
  • The blue reflects the importance of clean air, potable water and all of our natural resources.
  • The yellow in the border symbolizes the sun and its powerful energy which sustains life on earth.

The Opposing Waves

Maintaining the ecological balance, equilibrium and interaction of air, water and earth that are essential for sustaining all life on our planet is reflected by the continual movement of the opposing waves above and below the skyline.

The Reflecting Skylines

The two skylines that are created by the reflection symbolize the transformation of new and existing buildings that are impacted by Emerald Skyline’s implementation of sustainable strategies. They are transformed into sustainable buildings with a small carbon footprint that satisfies financial, environmental, and operational goals.

ecosystem symbol
sustainable living symbol

“In designing the logo, I had to consider all of my partners’ desires as well as my own.  We all agreed that the logo had to visually represent the image we wanted for our company as reflected in our name, Emerald Skyline Corporation, and our goal to improve the future of our planet through our stewardship of the built environment.”

Abraham Wien, Founder

Emerald Skyline Corporation
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