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bcsBuilding Commissioning is an important quality assurance and quality control service in the building industry. Building commissioning supports the success of the project team by verifying and documenting that building systems are designed, installed, and functionally tested to meet project requirements and owner’s needs.

LEED Commissioning

leedcomEmerald Skyline provides LEED Commissioning for our clients to reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, reduce contractor callbacks, improve occupant productivity, provide smarter building documentation, and verify that energy systems perform in accordance with the owner’s requirements.

Commissioning for LEED certification is divided into two levels: “Fundamental Building Systems Commissioning” and “Enhanced Commissioning.” Fundamental Building Systems commissioning is a prerequisite for LEED certification, while Enhanced Commissioning is one of the 69 optional credits that can be selected to help reach the 26 credit minimum needed to earn a LEED designation.

  • Existing Building Commissioning
  • Optimize an existing building’s operation and ensure continued performance throughout the life of the building.
  • Studies have shown median payback times for Existing Building Commissioning of 0.7 years.
  • New Building Commissioning
  • Ensure a new building’s performance meets the owner’s expectations.
  • Studies have shown median payback times for New Building Commissioning of 8 years
  • Benefits of commissioning
    • Reduction in operational costs (approximately 5-10%)
    • Ensure facility personnel know how to operate key building systems
    • Ability to recognize and correct mistakes on missing or improperly installed equipment
    • Avoid occupant complaints and callbacks
    • Solve indoor air quality and thermal comfort problems
    • Avoid premature equipment failure
    • Avoid litigation


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