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calculatorOur first step is to obtain the preliminary environmental, financial and aesthetic objectives for the facility in order to establish the project’s scope, expectations and budget. Based on these parameters, Emerald Skyline Corporation performs a diagnostic review of the facility. The services we provide are:

dot Building Operations Modeling
dot Energy Modeling/Testing
dot Daylight Modeling/Testing

Perform sustainability audit of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other building systems as appropriate.
dot Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Modeling/Testing

Evaluate internal environmental quality, waste disposal practices, purchasing and other operating policies, procedures and practices.
dot Water Consumption Analysis

Quantify current and historical usage of, and expenditures for, energy, water, waste disposal, building maintenance and cleaning supplies.
dot Benchmarking

Once the building baseline is established through the Diagnostic Review, and incorporating the preliminary scope, expectations and budget, Emerald Skyline professionals identify sustainable strategies prepare cost-benefit analyses and create a project plan that incorporates economically feasible sustainable solutions for the facility.


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