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Being real estate, design and finance professionals, Emerald Skyline understands the importance of achieving financial as well as environmental and aesthetic goals in establishing the feasibility of a sustainable project. We conduct a life-cycle financial analysis of each component of the project to ensure that it is financially feasible.

  • Life-Cycle Financial Analysis
    • Minimize upfront capital investment
    • Reduce payback period
    • Maximize return on investment via cost-effective financing structure
    • Recover costs via utility company rebates, government tax credits, and depreciation deductions
    • Maximize utility and operating expense savings

Our financing model not only results in economic savings and improved marketability leading to higher values, but also minimizes, and may eliminate the need to expend upfront capital to create a sustainable facility.

From facilitating cost-reduction strategies to ensuring the project team is competitively bid and costs tracked, Emerald Skyline saves money—
now and in the future!



Our CPA-led financial advisory team provides the following services:

  • Prepare detailed budgets for each component of the sustainable project including acquisition and installation as well as any project-related soft costs.
  • Identify available utility and government rebates and credits, quantify the funds that can be recovered and assist in obtaining utility company rebates and tax credits and savings.
  • Prepare a cost segregation study to identify property components that are considered personal property by the IRS which shortens the depreciable life of the asset and results in larger depreciation deductions
  • Calculate the savings in utility and operating expenses to be derived from the project based on forecasted consumption.
  • Prepare life-cycle cost-benefit analyses reflecting the anticipated payback period, IRR, ROI and other economic analyses.
  • Review project invoices and monitor actual costs against budgeted and contracted amounts
  • Source and evaluate available financing options and assist in negotiating and closing of the loan.
  • Provide assistance in creating green leases


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