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Green building and construction increases the efficiency with which buildings and developments use resources while reducing impacts on human health and the environment. A sustainable project starts with a sustainable site. Selecting the site and placing the building on the site are two of the most sustainabledevimportant steps in a green building project. Where and how a building occupies a site has significant long-term impacts on its efficiency and success. It is essential to analyze a building’s relationship with its surrounding natural environment, including the sun, soil, wind, water and trees as well as the surrounding built environment which includes other buildings and transportation options.

A prerequisite to LEED certification for new buildings is to minimize pollution from construction activities by controlling soil erosion, waterway sedimentation and airborne dust generation.

Emerald Skyline works with your site selection and design team to ensure that the site and the development plan successfully achieves the project’s sustainability goals through the following services:

  • thinkgreenSustainable site selection advisory services
    • Charrette facilitation
    • Green building feasibility studies
    • Development density
    • Community connectivity
    • Public transportation access
    • Habitat preservation and/or restoration
    • Stormwater design
    • Paving and heat island effect
    • Light pollution analysis
    • On-site renewable energy feasibility
  • Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
  • Construction Waste Management


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